Woodland Road Creek Crossings and Capacity Improvements

Project Update - January 31, 2024

All piping for this project has been successfully installed. Construction crews are finishing up work on manholes and punch list items. Project completion is expected by the end of February.

Contractor installing a plastic manhole

Contractor installing HDPE plastic manhole in an easement.

RVSD’s Infrastructure Asset Management Plan update of 2021 identified sewer creek crossings in the Kent Woodlands area as the highest priority for upgrading based on a District-wide risk assessment. Replacing these sewers significantly reduces the risk of contamination to Tamalpais Creek and potential damage to the sewer main. It is essential to rehabilitate sewers that cross creeks as they have a higher likelihood of failure due to natural forces associated with storm waters and a higher consequence of failure through more direct spills and contamination.

The project plans to remove several sewers that are exposed within the waterway, and Precision Engineering will continue replacing the sewer main west on Woodland Rd.

Check this page regularly for updated project information as it becomes available.

Click on the project areas map and creek photos below for a larger view of each.

Woodland Road Capacity2