Ross Creek Sewer Removal Project

Ross Creek Sewer Removal Project

Construction:  Complete

Construction Manager: RDG

Contractor: Coastside Construction

Project Update - October 22, 2021

Work in Ross Creek is complete.

Project Summary

The Ross Creek Sewer Removal project is designed and currently in the permitting phase. The project will remove an abandoned 24-inch diameter sewer from the creek bed of Ross Creek at the Shady Lane bridge. 

In order to minimize upstream erosion, natural rock features will be used to create a sustainable riffle structure in place of the sewer (which was originally installed in 1926 and a replacement siphon was installed 7.5 feet below the streambed in Oct. 2019).


All RVSD projects and work activities being conducted adhere to the District’s COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan to prepare for and, mitigate against the risk of COVID-19 exposure to the District’s office staff and field workers.

These upgrades to old or outdated system infrastructure will enhance local wastewater system reliability and efficiency.

In addition, the abandoned sewer removal from the streambed will have aesthetic benefits of a more natural-looking water feature as viewed from the Shady Lane bridge, as well as the environmental benefits of improving conditions for anadromous fish migration of the native steelhead trout population of the Corte Madera Creek watershed.

Project Information and Construction Notices

Shady Lane Sewer Removal Project

The Notice of Determination (NOD) for the Shady Lane Sewer Removal Project was signed on July 21, 2021.


The Final Supplemental Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (FIS/MND) for the Shady Lane Sewer Removal Project was adopted by the Ross Valley Sanitary District Board of Directors on July 21, 2021.


Click here to view the Mitigation Monitoring & Reporting Program as part of the environmental review process.

Project Contacts

Construction Manager:

Erik Stromberg, RDG


Call: 510-644-2798 x3


Coastside Construction

Brett Sousa


Call: 707-695-6022

Project Manager - Steve Moore


Call: 415-259-2949 x203

BEFORE: Sewer pipe to be removed from the creek bed in Ross Creek.

Ross Creek

AFTER: Sewer pipe has been removed from the creek bed in Ross Creek. Streambank revegetation is currently taking place.

Ross Creek Sewer Removed Streambed Restored 10-7-21

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