Grant & Loan Programs

The District has grant and loan funding available to property owners who require private sewer lateral replacement. Prior to performing sewer work, property owners must review both programs; Individuals can only apply for one program. Please note the application process differs. 

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For more information, watch our Lateral Replacement video above or click the link. For more helpful videos visit our Videos page.
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The District provides individual grants up to $1,500

The following scenarios may qualify a property to receive $2,500:

  • Properties in high inflow & infiltration basins predetermined by the District
  • Properties affected by upcoming paving projects.
    Check with your local municipality to determine if your street is scheduled for paving.

Loan Funding

The District offers low-interest loans up to $25,000 to replace your private sewer lateral. Repayment of loans will be over a period not to exceed 10 years at an annual interest rate of 3.6%. Payments will be collected through the semi-annual property tax bills as a special assessment.