Hiring a Contractor

Below are tips to consider when selecting a contractor for working on your private sewer lateral.

Please Note: The District does not have an agreement or arrangement with any contractor you may hire to perform work on your private sewer lateral.


During the installation of new gas lines by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), some private sewer laterals may have been pierced or completely bored through - known as a cross bore. Underground Service Alert (USA) does not typically mark private sewer laterals when out marking utilities. As a result, cross bores may go undetected, and if pipe has been damaged, create a potentially hazardous situation. For gas line cross bore information, visit PG&E's website. A review of a closed-circuit television (CCTV) inspection should also include looking for evidence of cross bore. If you suspect a gas line cross bore, call PG&E at 800-743-5000. If you suspect a gas leak, warn inhabitants, evacuate the area and call 911 and PG&E at 800-743-5000.


Example of Pipe Root Intrusion.

Root Intrusion

Example of Pipe Buildup.

Pipe Build Up