Sewer Connections & Extensions

Regulations, Permits & Forms

The following links provide information on how to connect a private or commercial property to the District (RVSD) public sewer system and the procedures and requirements for extending public sewer lines.

Most documents provide complete instructions and/or reference what is needed to complete an installation or extension. Please contact District staff with any questions you might have so we can help expedite the process and avoid problems.

Requirements to Obtain a Sewer Connection Permit

Please see our Permits page for information on our permitting process.

Public Sewer Extension (PSX)

Please contact us regarding procedures, requirements and permit applications to extend District sewer pipes to accommodate new development. To view RVSD Standard Specifications & Drawings and Approved Materials visit here.

Annexation Process

Process and procedure to transfer sewer service to the District from a parcel not currently served by RVSD. View the Annexation Process (PDF).

Sanitary Code

The District Sanitary Code (PDF) regulates the use of public and private sewers, the installation and connection of building sewers, permitting, fines, inspections, and much more.

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