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Lateral Replacement Grant Program

Information on funds to fix your sewer pipe

Lateral Replacement Grant Program Guide

Resolution No. 15-1493, Establishing Framework of LRGP

Contractors wishing to be added to the Pre-Qualified Contractors List for the Lateral Replacement Grant and Loan Programs should follow this link to obtain an application form and the District's Standards & Specifications.

Thank you for helping us protect and preserve our local environment by replacing your privately owned sewer lateral. By allowing the District to assist you with this project, together we will reduce contamination in our community and waterways, as well as reducing treatment costs for the entire Ross Valley.  Hopefully, through the Districts public outreach efforts, you have learned that nearly 50% of all sewer spills are caused by leaking privately owned lateral pipes located within private and public property. Private laterals are the responsibility of the property owner, from the building to and including the connection at the District main line.  The RVSD Lateral Replacement Grant Program was designed to encourage property owners like you to repair or replace your pipe and help to protect the beautiful Ross Valley.  The District is pleased to continue this program for the 2015/16 fiscal year, along with major mainline replacements throughout the area.

This innovative grant program is designed to help property owners in our district with the cost of fixing their leaky and damaged lateral sewer pipes. These private pipes connect homes and businesses to the public sewer mains and are responsible for an estimated 50% of all sewer spills! Repairing your end of the pipe helps avoid costly spills that are paid for with your tax dollars while protecting public health and the environment.

If you are experiencing chronic problems such as backups and overflows that require ongoing professional plumbing maintenance, you probably have a lateral pipe that needs repair. Other signs of leakage and damage to your pipe may be less evident. Slow running pipes, odors, and ground movement around lateral pipes may indicate a problem as well.

The link above will provide you with our lateral replacement grant program guide. The guide includes complete instructions along with a flow chart, lateral replacement grant program (LRGP) application, and approved contractor list.

Please contact us if you would like to receive the guide by mail or have questions about the program.


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