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The following documents contain all the information you’ll need to understand our goals and plans for the Ross Valley Sanitary District. Along with these plans, you’ll find reports and studies that are also being used to guide us in our work. If you need clarification on any of these documents or are having trouble finding what you are looking for, please contact us.

"We truly appreciate the District's efforts to replace this vulnerable sewer with a stronger, more reliable force main."
Sandra Guldman, President Friends of Corte Madera Creek


Flow Monitoring Study - October 10, 2014

The purpose of the Study was to collect wastewater flow, rainfall, and water quality data that can be used to validate the scope and size of near-term hydraulic capacity improvement projects and evaluate the effect of recent system improvement projects on wastewater flow.

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Sewer System Management Plan - Updated December 2, 2013, Adopted February 26, 2014

Describes the district's goals, organizational structure, operations, emergency response plans and more.

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Infrastructure Asset Management Plan, October 2013

Using the Asset Management approach, this plan introduces a risk assessment methodology for identifying gravity sewer lines for which failure presents the highest risk to the District and the communities it serves. It makes recommendations for specific project areas based on the currently know condition assessments.

Executive Summary (2 MB) Full Report (6 MB) Appendices (18MB)

Sewer System Replacement Master Plan - January 2007

Describes existing sewer systems operated by the district. Identifies issues related to capacity and condition, recommends projects to improve or remedy these isshttp:///ues, and presents associated costs.

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Sanitary Sewer Hydraulic Evaluation and Capacity Assurance Plan - August 2006

Evaluates the hydraulic performance of the sewer system, identifies deficiencies and recommends improvements.

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Capital Improvement Strategic Plan - January 2007

A technical memorandum presents a ten-year Capital Improvement Strategic Plan. The plan summarizes projects that are recommended to begin each year.

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Lateral Policy Options - December 2006

A technical memorandum that surveys how other agencies address the maintenance and repair of private sewer pipes and evaluates potential options for implementing a testing and repair program for Ross Valley Sanitary District.

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Consolidation Information

Consolidating Ross Valley Sanitary District with its neighboring sewer agencies in Corte Madera and San Rafael has been discussed for many years. Both the Governor and the Marin Grand Jury have recommended that communities consider the consolidation of their special districts and other agencies that provide such services as police, fire, sanitation and more.

As a public agency that is committed to serving its ratepayers' interests, the Ross Valley Sanitary District hired an independent firm to provide our community with an unbiased financial analysis of various consolidation scenarios. While there have been several consolidation studies conducted over the years, there has never been a study that objectively focuses on the financial impact on ratepayers.

If you are interested in the question of consolidation, these documents can provide a overview of the concept as it applies to the sanitary/sanitation districts of Central Marin.

Consolidation Study by RVSD (September, 2012) Consolidation Study Executive Summary

Consolidation Study (March 2005)

Consolidation Study (April 1996)

Consolidation Study (January 1984)

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