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Protecting Public Health & The Environment

Board of Directors

Michael Boorstein

Alternate Treasurer

Email: mboorstein@rvsd.org

Term: July 2014 - July 2018

Thomas Gaffney


Email: tgaffney@rvsd.org

Term: July 2014 - July 2018

Mary Sylla


Email:  msylla@rvsd.org

Term: July 2012 - July 2020

Pamela Meigs

Alternate Secretary

Email: pmeigs@rvsd.org

Term: July 2014 - July 2018

Doug Kelly


Email: dougkelly@rvsd.org

Term: July 2016 - July 2020

 Brief biographies of the Board may be found here.


Board members are elected through a process coordinated by the County of Marin. See here for info.

Commissioners to Central Marin Sanitation Agency

Michael Boorstein (through 7/2019) & Thomas Gaffney (through 7/2018)

(Doug Kelly serves as first alternate; remaining board members serve as secondary alternates)


Pamela Meigs

*RVSD board member observes and reports on LAFCO meetings only


Pamela Meigs


Michael Boorstein (Thomas Gaffney - Alternate)

Board Committees

Standing Committee for Human Resources

Michael Boorstein & Mary Sylla

Standing Finance Committee 

Thomas Gaffney & Doug Kelly

Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic and Annual Business Planning

Pamela Meigs & Doug Kelly

Ad Hoc Committee on Communications and Outreach

Michael Boorstein & Mary Sylla

Ad Hoc Committee on GM Annual Performance Review

Thomas Gaffney & Michael Boorstein 


Board members are compensated for their participation at Board-approved meetings or events (for example, professional conferences). The compensation rate is $314 per event, and only one event is allowable per day. Board members are reimbursed for allowable expenses; for example, mileage reimbursement and meal reimbursements are made for Board-approved conferences.

Board of Directors Ethics Certificates


The RVSD Form 806 as of August 2017.

This Form is used to report additional compensation that officials receive when appointing themselves to positions on committees, boards, or commissions of another public agency or to a committee or position of the agency of which the public official is a member.

Clerk of the Board of Directors: Mary Brown   Contact at mbrown@rvsd.org or 415-259-2949

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