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Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance & Programs

The RVSD grant and loan program is designed to help property owners in our district with the cost of fixing their leaky and damaged lateral sewer pipes. These private pipes connect homes and businesses to the public sewer mains and are responsible for an estimated 50 percent of all sewer spills!

If you are experiencing chronic problems such as backups and overflows that require ongoing professional plumbing maintenance, you probably have a lateral pipe that needs repair. Other signs of leakage and damage to your pipe may be less evident. Slow running pipes, odors, and ground movement around lateral pipes may indicate a problem as well.

Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance

District Ordinances regulate the maintenance of private sewer laterals, and contain testing and inspection requirements dependent upon specific triggers, such as property sale and remodels. Visit our Private Lateral Ordinance page to find out how the private sewer lateral ordinance might affect you.

Lateral Replacement Grant Program (LRGP)

The District adopted Resolution 15-1493 (PDF) establishing the framework and guidelines for the Lateral Replacement Grant Program (LRGP) to assist ratepayers with the cost of replacing their private sewer laterals.

The LRGP has been recently updated to require only one bid from a licensed contractor of your choice!

Click here to download the Lateral Replacement Grant Program Guide.

Lateral Replacement Loan Program (LRLP)

The District adopted Ordinance No. 70 (PDF), approving a Lateral Replacement Loan Program (LRLP) to assist ratepayers with the cost of replacing their private sewer laterals. 

Click here to download the Lateral Replacement Loan Program Guide.

Private Sewer Lateral Permits & Requirements

Private Sewer Lateral Permit

Procedure, requirements and permit application for private sewer laterals (aka side sewers).

Click here to download permit requirements, sewer connection fees and permit fees.

Lateral Requirements

The District's Standard Specifications and Drawings (PDF) and Approved Materials List (PDF) include requirements, specifications, and drawings for side sewers.

Click here to download the Overview of Side Sewer Requirements (PDF).

Hiring a Contractor

You can verify contractor licensing and get tips about hiring a contractor by visiting the Contractors State License Board website or by calling 800-321-2752.

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