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District's Newsletter

The District is issuing a monthly newsletter to keep our community informed on important activities related to wastewater utility service.  The newsletter has been temporarily suspended pending an update on form and content based upon recommendations from the District's Ad Hoc Committee for Outreach and Education.  Please click here for the most current newsletter, and click here to visit our archive of past newsletters.

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Upcoming Bid Openings

RVSD Construction Projects Out for Public Bid on eBidBoard

Upcoming Bid Openings

PS 15 Kentfield Comminutor Replacement Project

Bids due no later than

August 3, 2017 at 1 P.M.

Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting

July 26, 2017 at 1 P.M.

eBidBoard for Project

Notice Inviting Bids

Addendum No.1

Recent Bid Openings

FY 2016/17 Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Bids were opened at 2 P.M. on July 6, 2017

eBidBoard for Project

Bid opening results

Awarded to Ranger Pipelines on July 20, 2017

PS 12 Bon Air and PS 13 Greenbrae Pump Station Rehabilitation Project

Bids were opened at 11 a.m. on May 18, 2017

eBidBoard for Project

Bid opening results

Awarded to Anderson Pacific Engineering Construction on June 21, 2017

Emergency - Contact Information

If you have a private property sewer emergency please contact a plumber as soon as possible. Please download a list of licensed contractors familiar with district policies and programs.

If you have a public sewer emergency such as a man-hole overflow or observe sewer water flowing into a waterway, please contact us immediately.

Emergency: (415) 259-2949

Thank you!

Your action helps us protect the environment

Private Laterals

Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance

In June of 2014, the District adopted an Ordinance regulating the maintenance of private sewer laterals. The Ordinance contains testing and inspection requirements dependent upon specific triggers, such as property sale and remodels. Please click here to find out how this Ordinance might affect you.

Lateral Replacement Grant Program

Please click here to view the Lateral Replacement Grant Program (LRGP) guide. Changes will occur periodically. You can be assured of having the most current information by using the program guide posted here or by contacting the District.

RVSD has allocated the following funds to the LRGP for FY2016-17.

Total FY2016-17 Allocation: $500,000

Total Funds Allocated to Date: $371,925

Total Funds Available: $128,075

Maximum Grant: $1,500

In FY16/17 to date, allocated funds will have replaced 18,955 linear feet of lateral pipelines in 274 projects.

Figures are updated weekly.

Click here to view Resolution 15-1493, establishing the framework and guidelines for the Lateral Replacement Grant Program

Lateral Replacement Loan Program

RVSD recently adopted Ordinance No. 70, approving a loan program to assist ratepayers with the cost of replacing their private sewer laterals. The Board has allocated $400,000 to the program for FY2016/17 (July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017). Applications for loans are now being accepted. Please click here for a Program Guide containing the details of the Loan Program.

Request for Proposal/Qualifications

This page provides links to current Requests for Proposals (RFP) or Qualifications (RFQ) documents for capital improvement as well as other District projects. Supplier guidelines and insurance requirements are included with RFP documents.

For information on any documents that may appear below or upcoming projects, please contact us.

Request for Proposals/Qualifications on eBidBoard

Request for Proposals for Design Constructability Review and Construction Management Services for FY 2016/17 Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation and Improvement Projects

Capital Projects Construction

Click here for more detailed information on current capital projects



In Progress

FY 2015/16 Gravity Sewer Improvement Project ~ Kentfield, Ross, San Anselmo ~ completion in 2018

Large Diameter Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation Project II-1 ~ Ross, San Anselmo ~ completion summer 2017

Large Diameter Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation Project II-2 ~ San Anselmo downtown ~ completion fall 2017

Starting Soon

PS 12 Bon Air and PS 13 Greenbrae Pump Station Rehabilitation Project ~ start in July 2017

FY 2016/17 Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation Project ~ start in August/September 2017

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